Speak up or be left out of VR

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NOTE: This piece was originally posted on Medium on November 29, 2016. Here’s an excerpt.

I’ve got to speak up before it gets out of hand. (And I hope I am not too late.)

As virtual reality grows as a medium and influencers begin to emerge, I can see the exclusion of women and people of color beginning to creep into this young, vibrant community.

We can’t let that happen… again.

I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t be able to do VR today without the help and mentorship from this diverse community.

Read the entire post and learn how it is done on Medium: https://medium.com/@webjournalist/vr-speak-up-or-well-all-be-shut-out-d4f0bbe06f98#.6tvunk1rz

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On November 29, 2016
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