Spatial audio: How to record for VR

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NOTE: This piece was originally posted on Medium on August 16, 2016. Here’s an excerpt.

The first time I met someone who did spatial audio for VR experiences, I immediately apologized.

It was at a VRLA Expo a year or so ago and it was while shaking her had that I realized I — and the entire 360/live action industry — had butchered the craft we tell our students is the backbone of storytelling.

I was so focused on stitching together good visuals that audio was completely forgotten, only to be replaced by the “voice of god” narration.

Since then I have been trying to figure out how to pull off spatial audio and couldn’t crack that nut, outside of using Unity.

Well, thanks to a great conversation with Aurelia Soundworks co-founder John Hendicott, I get it now.

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On August 17, 2016
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