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Jovrnalism crew

They are journalists. They are developers. They are misfits. They are a truly diverse team that bring different skills and experiences to an experimental course. They are Jovrnalism.

  • Ariba Alvi

    Student (Sp 2016)

    Former beauty writer turned digital/multimedia journalist earning a Masters

  • Si Chen

    Student (Fa 2015)

    Computer Science graduate student

  • Jason Cheng

    Student (Sp 2016)

    Print & Digital Journalism major with a minor in Business Finance

  • Meghan Coyle

    Student (Fa 2015)

    Print & Digital journalist with a minor in Web Technologies & Applications

  • Benjamin Dunn

    Student (Fa 2015)

    Multimedia journalist, web developer, graphic designer and photographer

  • Crystal Goss

    Student (Sp 16, Fa 15)

    Broadcast and Digital

  • Morgan Greenwald

    Student (Fa 2015)

    Print and Digital Journalism major with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and French

  • Cristian Guzman

    Student (Sp 2016)

    Cognitive Science student
    with an emphasis in
    Computer Science

  • Fernando Hurtado

    Student (Fa 2015)

    Bilingual content producer for digital/mobile/emerging platforms

  • Melody Jiang

    Student (Sp 16, Fa 15)

    Majoring Broadcast and Digital
    Journalism and pursuing Honors
    in Multimedia Scholarship

  • David Merrell

    Student (Sp 2016)

    Former filmmaker turned news producer pursuing a Masters.

  • Kaitlyn Mullin

    Student (Sp 2016)

    Biological Sciences/Digital Journalism double major and emerging tech enthusiast

  • Jason Suh

    Student (Sp 16, Fa 15)

    Public Relations & Interactive Media double major, into VR & eSports communities

  • Nathalia Tavares

    Student (Fa 2015)

    Communication major minoring in Videogame Design and Management/Consumer Behavior

  • Kevin Tsukii

    Student (Sp 2015)

    Print/Digital Journalism student producing 360 and web VR experiences at LATimes

  • Serhan Ulkumen

    Student (Sp 2016)

    Mixed Reality (AR/VR), Neuroscience student and entrepreneur

  • Robert Hernandez


    Digital professor specializing on emerging technologies for journalism


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Texas Tribune

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